Army Chief General Shafiuddin was retired by the government

Bangladesh Army chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed has been retired by the government. Besides, Lieutenant General Waqar-uz-Zaman has been appointed as the next army chief. He will replace the current army chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed.

General SM Shafiuddin was retired in a notification issued by the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday (June 11).

Deputy Secretary Nahida Parveen signed the notification by order of the President.

According to the notification, the term of appointment of Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed will be completed on June 23 in the afternoon. In accordance with the Chiefs of Defense Forces (Recruitment, Pay, Allowances and Other Benefits) Act, 2018, one year retirement preparatory leave (LPR) is granted in his favor from the afternoon of that date subject to leave and after the leave he will be transferred to the Bangladesh Army along with financial and other benefits related to retirement. Retired from service.

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    The new army chief is Waqar-uz-Zaman

In an order issued by the Ministry of Defense on June 10, 2021, the government appointed SM Shafiuddin Ahmed as the Army Chief for three years with the promotion of General.