Be immersed in worship during Hajj

Moulbi Ashraf

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Hajj is obligatory on a person if he owns the amount of money to go to and from the Kaaba house, plus his basic expenses and the maintenance of his family. Allah Almighty said, ‘Perform Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah.’ (Surah Baqarah: 196)
In another verse, Allah says, whoever has the ability to go there, it is obligatory for him to perform Hajj for the sake of Allah. (Surah Al-Imran: 97)

Getting the opportunity to go to Hajj is a great blessing of Allah. Not everyone gets a chance to go to Hajj. So those who have the opportunity to go to Hajj, thank Allah more and keep yourself facing Allah. Give yourself complete rest from worldly activities and thoughts during Hajj. Be engrossed in the meditation of Allah and His worship.

How to immerse yourself in worship during Hajj:

1. Avoid quarrels
Do not engage in quarrels in any way during Hajj. Avoid quarrels altogether. In the Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala has said, for the one who has imposed Hajj on himself, in Hajj, indecent and sinful acts and quarrels are not permissible. (Surah Baqarah: 197)

Ask yourself, who am I? where am i what am i And do three things, shokar or gratitude and sabar or patience and obedience to the master. All in all, Zimmadar does what he thinks is best. If you make yourself subordinate to the boss, if you don’t have any decisions of your own, there will be less contention.

2. be alone
Just as there are people left and right in congregational prayers, but no one is related to anyone, so should it be in Hajj. There is no collective act in Hajj, each act is its own. So, as much as you can get a quiet place, you should be lonely. Avoid unnecessary talk, arguments, grumbling and become a resident of the grave.

But don’t be separated from your team. Be aware of your illness and medication. Don’t get sick by doing extra Tawaf. Stay away from cold water.

3. Pray in your own language
Haji Saheb is very worried about prayers. However, Hajj does not have any specific prayers other than two or four prayers. Not reciting a specific dua will not cause any problems in your Hajj. So pray in your own language if you don’t know Arabic. Open your heart and talk to Allah in your own language.

Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said – Hazre Aswad is the right hand of Allah. Whoever kisses Hazrat Aswad, it is as if he smiled with Allah. So feel the closeness of Allah in these times and pray more.

4. Read Talbiyah
Recite Talbiyah more and more. Recite Talbiyah in every situation and change of position. Remember the meaning of talbiya and recite the words with understanding while reciting talbiya. Recite Talbiya keeping the meaning and meaning of Talbiya in mind.