Clash between two sides in DU, 2 injured

A clash broke out between two groups of students at Dhaka University (DU). Two people were injured. First aid was given to the injured.

The incident took place on Saturday (June 8) in the Malchatwar area of ​​Dhaka University. Two students named Taufiqur Rahman and Abdullah Al Bayjid were injured.

Among them, Taufiq received four stitches on his head and is admitted to DU Medical Centre. Taufiq is a student of 2019-20 session of Department of Islamic History and Culture of Dhaka University. Student of 2018-19 session of Bayazid Institute of Education and Research.

Injured Tawfiq said, “While going from the VC square to the hall, I saw a person named Bayjid in an offensive condition behind the bus. Then when I asked to know his identity, he abused me. Later he hit me on the head with a brick in front of the hall gate. I got four stitches in my head.’

Bayazid counter-complained, ‘I and one of my classmates were passing in front of Suryasen Hall at 4 pm. At that time, a student of Suryasen Hall named Taufiq blocked my way and asked me back and forth. At one point, Taufiq and his classmates abused me in unspeakable language and tried to harass me. Later, when they tried to hit me with bricks, I ran away with my classmate.’

Professor Dr. Proctor of the University in this regard. Maksudur Rahman said, ‘I know the matter. Will call both sides tomorrow afternoon. After listening to both parties, I will take action accordingly.’