FBCCI-Dhaka Chamber is the spokesperson of Govt

Debate for Democracy has raised the question whether the apex body of businessmen FBCCI and Dhaka Chamber are the spokespersons of the government for the proposed budget of the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25.

The organization asked this question at the ‘Shadow Parliament on Proposed Budget for Economic Stability’ held at FDC in the capital on Saturday (June 8).

Chairman of Debate for Democracy Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiran said, ‘Awami League has mentioned the proposed budget as realistic and people-oriented. In a post-budget reaction, the apex body of traders FBCCI termed this year’s budget as logical, realistic and people-oriented. Dhaka Chamber also welcomed the proposed budget.

Pointing out that many organizations including CPD, SANEM, PRI are finding it difficult to implement the budget, Kiran said, ‘Former President of FBCCI, Member of Parliament AK Azad has taken a stand against increasing VAT in the proposed budget, and this budget talks about the increase in the price of goods, fear of losing people’s jobs and reduced purchasing power. Recommended to review.’

He said, ‘Since FBCCI and Dhaka Chamber have welcomed the proposed budget as well as the government, these two business organizations may appear to be the mouthpieces of the government rather than the mouthpieces of businessmen.’

Hasan Ahmed Chowdhury Kiran also said, ‘The budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 has been presented in a very difficult and hostile time amid various challenges including rising commodity prices, shortage of reserves, high value of the dollar, chaos in the financial sector, money laundering, rampant corruption. Although the proposed budget talks about various crises, there is no strategic clarity on its passage. There is no action to restore order in the financial sector. Preventing money laundering, controlling corruption, reducing wastage and controlling inflation have no clear explanation. The announced budget showed a table of additional tax collection on regular tax payers without increasing the pressure on tax evaders. No initiative was found in the proposed budget to bring back smuggled money, stock market, hundi ban and take action against defaulters.