Food inflation increased further

The rate of food inflation in the country has increased further. The inflation rate of food products increased to 10.76 percent in the recent month of May, which was 10.22 percent in the previous month of April.

This information has been informed in the updated information of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May given by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) on Monday (June 3).

It said that headline inflation in the country was 9.74 percent in April, the highest in 11 years. Headline inflation rose again to 9.89 percent in May. Earlier in May 2011, the overall inflation rate was 10.2 percent.

According to BBS, the price of food products increased the most in May. Food products are out of reach.

Analyzing the data of BBS, it can be seen that on a point-to-point basis, the price of food products of 100 rupees has increased by 10 rupees 76 paise in one year.

According to BBS data, the increase in food products in May set a record after increasing from April. The increase in the prices of rice, pulses, oil, salt, fish, meat, vegetables, spices and tobacco products has led to an increase in food inflation.

Apart from this, the prices of house rent, furniture, household goods, medical services, transportation and educational materials have decreased slightly. Inflation rate in this sector decreased to 9.19 percent in May, which was 9.34 percent in April.