Girls have been madly in love with virtuous men for ages

It is written on the flap of the book – ‘Susong, a famous director went to Chandigarh village of Durgapur to make a film. The name of the film is I have water. Great unit, great action. A girl named Rumali came to work for the first time in the film. He is watching this huge event of making pictures, this huge activity in amazement. At one point he started mixing with the story of the film. He started to think that she is not Rumali but I have Jal’s teenage heroine, Dilu. A strange metamorphosis began. Rumali’s story is a story of extraordinary transformation. A story of unbridled intense passion, a story of intense lamentation, a story of unstoppable destiny. We all surrender to that destiny.’

The book was first published in 1997. As far as I remember I read it in 1998 with a loan from my friend Shahed. We had just crossed the boundary of the college then. So I didn’t understand anything about the premise of this novel. But while reading at this age, I was forced to admit once again that no thick book of Humayun Ahmad is bad. Not to say bad, I mean the opinion of the literary people of our country. Because he writes about them.

I have even seen many emerging writers wrinkle their noses after hearing the name of Humayun Ahmad. Then only one question arises in my mind, that is the first story book or novel that you read in this life. I can say with absolute certainty that it will be a book by Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed had an incredible ability to deeply see and understand the life of the common people of Bangladesh. In addition, the rivers and waters of Bangladesh, green nature all came up in his works. This novel also takes exception. Also this novel sheds light on the depth of human mind. An attempt has been made to understand the physiological and psychological functioning of humans.

Mind does not control our body or mind controls the body. Such questions have also been asked. This is the root of our attraction to the opposite sex. An attempt has been made to find the nature of that too. Are these tender feelings of love, love, compassion different or different names of the same feeling? Are people overcome by hunger?

An attempt has been made to find answers to these questions. All in all a very enjoyable book. After finishing the book, a long breath escaped from the chest without knowing it.

One of the appendages of the nature of Bangladesh was the jonaki insect. Now it is no longer visible due to the massive use of pesticides, destruction of forests and excessive use of electricity. This book contains detailed information about the Zonaki insect which will be a history for future generations.

In the words of the book, ‘It has been a long time since evening. I was standing on the balcony watching a strange sight—hundreds of fireflies, burning and dying. I wonder what. I’ve never seen an insect before. I saw a lot. But I have never seen so many insects at once. It seems that the flower of light has bloomed in bunches. The flowers are flying. Some fickle restless flowers. There are so many strange scenes in the world.’

The search for the nature of love is discussed in detail in this novel. Many sages have thought about it. Calculated—— derived theories, formulated hypotheses. The result is null. Some say love lives in the mind. Mind is beyond our grasp. So is love.

Love cannot be captured by any scientific instrument. Another group said – What is the mind again? Brain is mind. The brain is the sole controller of all human emotions. Mind is not out of touch – so love is not out of touch. Love resides in the temporal lobe of the brain. Love is a special exchange of electrical impulses between numerous neurons in the temporal lobe.

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Another group said, nothing happened. Pituitary gland is the main controller of human emotion, fear, fear. When a girl falls in love with a boy, a special enzyme is released from the pituitary gland at the sight of the boy. Because of that enzyme, the boy likes what he does. Seeing it makes the heart flutter. Even if the boy blows his nose in his hand and stuffs his hands into the sikni, he still thinks that he is blowing his nose in a good way. No one in the world can blow their nose as beautifully as him.

The latest theory of love is that nature’s main desire is for its creatures to survive. No species of life should be extinct. Homosapiens are a major species of the human race. For mankind to survive, they must be children, and be excellent children. Humans must come very close to have children. So they have to create a strong physical attraction for each other. One form of that physical attraction is love. The intensity of that love is also lost.

When nature sees the possibility of creating excellent children in the union of two special human beings, their love is intensified. That they cannot leave each other. No obstacle seems to be an obstacle to them then. Boys fall in love with beautiful girls because nature wants the next generation to be beautiful. Girls have been madly in love with virtuous men for ages. Because that’s nature’s old game, nature wants men’s qualities to flow through DNA to the next generation. Nature desperately wants the virtues of human society not to be lost so that instead of drifting away it should be fully developed. An extraordinary human community is created.

We don’t know where is the real destination of our life or we search for it all our life. Just as everyone’s life is not the same, the nature of life is also different according to gender. Maternalism is strong among girls. All toys are like children to them. If any toy is given to the girls, they take it in their lap. In this book there is a mention of a song about the nature of life-

“Down the road.”
Where the nights are gay
And Sun Shines daily on the mountain top.
I took a trip
On a sailing ship
And when I reached Jamaica I made a stop.
But I am sad to say
I am on my way
won’t be back for many a day”

Everyone has a different perspective on life. Everyone’s ability to see and interpret beauty is different. It is evident in creative people. Nature probably gives this ability very naturally. Those who acquire this power also take it very naturally. They have no idea about the level of power. They always keep their eyes open. The most trivial scene does not escape their eyes! I want to end the writing with the last few lines of the book – ‘It is raining. The storm has begun. Someswari river is roaring. The river is calling in its miraculous voice— Come. come on Not everyone hears that call. Some get it.’ Humayun Ahmed must have heard that call.