Health Providers on Committees of Volunteer Leagues

Local Community Health Care Provider (CHCP) Zarif Hossain Apon has got the post of Senior Joint Convenor of Subarnachar Upazila Swachhasevak League of Noakhali. The district civil surgeon’s office has ordered an investigation into the matter.

On Sunday (June 9), District Volunteer League President Fahad Yusuf Hossain confirmed to Jago News that standard health worker Zarif Hossain Apon has been appointed to the post of Upazila Volunteer League.

He said that a new convening committee was announced in the Suvarnachar Upazila Volunteer League on Thursday (June 6). Hasan Mahmud Bappi as convener and Zarif Hossain Apon as senior joint-convener has been announced as a committee of 41 members.

Fahad Yusuf Hossain standardly claimed that the convening committee has been announced according to the constitution of the Volunteer League. Zarif Hussain Apon is a local community health care provider (CHCP) but he has an opportunity to do politics.

Health Providers on Committees of Volunteer Leagues

It has been found that Zarif Hossain is working as CHCP of Sluice Gate Community Clinic in Charjubli Union of Subarnachar Upazila of Noakhali. Despite being a government employee, he is often accused of being busy with political programs instead of going to work. Before this, on August 22, 2023, Jago News published a news article titled ‘Absent at work for campaigning, shocks health providers’.

When asked, Zarif Hossain told Apon Jago News that many of our positions in different districts are involved in politics. So I have been doing the politics of upazila volunteer league for a long time. However, the information about being absent from work for political programs is not correct.

District Civil Surgeon Dr. Masum Iftekhar told Jago News that as a government employee, CHCP Zarif Hossain Apon cannot be associated with politics under any circumstances. This is a clear violation of government employment rules.

He also said that even before this he was transferred to Bhasanchar due to his irregularities at work. This time, after learning about his political post, Suvarnachar Upazila Health Officer has been asked to investigate and report. According to the report, action will be taken against him.

Iqbal Hossain Majnu/FA/ASM