How much money is Mbappe getting paid in Real Madrid?

Kylian Mbappe is joining Real Madrid – it’s old news now. The French star will officially wear Real’s jersey after the Euro. Mbappe is joining for five seasons, they said in a one-sentence message on Real Madrid’s official website.

After Kylian Mbappe joined Real, the biggest question was, how much is he getting paid? Real did not have to pay a single transfer fee to get a footballer like Mbappe. Because Mbappe was a free agent. As such, how was Real’s agreement with Mbappe, what were the conditions? Everyone wants to know this.

While at Paris Saint-Germain (at PSG), Mbappe received a salary of 7.2 million euros or about 920 million rupees a year. You won’t even get close to that in Real. Reale will get a salary of 1.5 million euros or about 192 million rupees per year.

However, the real issue lies elsewhere. Real will get 10 crore Euros or about 12.80 crore rupees as a signing gift. Besides, he will get 80 percent of the rights of the film. Real will get only 20 percent. Mbappe has agreed to come to Real with a reduced salary. Despite this, he will be the club’s most expensive footballer.

There is no word on when Mbappe will be officially presented to fans in a Real Madrid jersey. He will probably officially join Real after the Euros.

In addition, Mbappe wears the number 10 jersey for the French national team or PSG; But he is not getting that jersey in Real. Luka Modric wears the number 10 jersey in Real Madrid. So Mbappe will wear the number 9 jersey in the new club.

According to the media, he did not want the number 10 jersey. Khushi happily accepted the number 9 jersey. This jersey was previously worn by Karim Benzema. Modric will stay at the club for one more year. As a result, Mbappe will have to play in the number 9 jersey for at least one year.