Things that are prohibited in the state of Ihram

Ihram is an important accessory of Hajj and Umrah. Ihram has to be worn according to the prescribed rules for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah from a certain place. Many lawful things become haram or forbidden after wearing Ihram.

We are mentioning three types of prohibited activities in the state of Ihram. First, I will mention the prohibited acts for both men and women in the state of Ihram, then the prohibited acts for men only, then the prohibited acts for women only.

Actions that are prohibited for both men and women in the state of Ihram

Seven prohibited actions for both men and women:
1. Shaving, shortening or removing the hair of the head, mustache, beard, other parts of the body.
2. Cutting nails or removing nails while in Ihram. However, if a nail breaks, there is no problem if the painful part is cut off.
3. Using perfume on the cloth of Ihram, on the body or on anything that sticks to the body while in the state of Ihram.
4. Marrying, proposing marriage or marrying someone as a guardian or attorney.
5. Kissing, touching or hugging with sexual desire. Talking or making jokes that are sexually appealing.
6. have sex
7. Hunting yourself or assisting someone to hunt.
8. Killing non-harmful insects, animals and birds.

Activities prohibited only for men in the state of Ihram
1. head covered It is prohibited for men to cover their head in Ihram with anything that clings to the head such as turbans, various types of hats and handkerchiefs. However, the head can be covered with something that does not stick to the head, such as umbrellas, car roofs, tents, etc.
2. Wearing sewn clothes. It is prohibited for men to wear sewn clothes while in Ihram. Tailored clothes means clothes that are made according to the shape of different parts of the body such as jubba, panjabi, pajama, pants, genji, underwear, socks, hand or foot socks.
3. Wearing shoes that cover the tops of the feet.
Things prohibited for women in the state of Ihram

Two things are prohibited for women in the state of Ihram, while sewing clothes, covering the head, etc. are permissible:
1. Hands wearing socks.
2. wearing niqab However, if the other person comes in front of you, you can hang the veil and cover your face for a while.

Needless to say, these two acts are also prohibited for men. But since any stitched clothing is prohibited for men, head covering is prohibited, so there is no need to mention them.