I managed to save 65 percent money through APA

According to Public Administration Minister Farhad Hossain, 65 percent of money has been saved through Annual Performance Agreement (APA).

The minister said this at the signing ceremony of the annual performance agreement of the Ministry of Public Administration and departments/organizations for the fiscal year 2024-25 and the implementation of the APA for the fiscal year 2022-23 at the secretariat on Sunday (June 9).

The minister said, we have been able to speed up our activities through the annual performance agreement. Through this, we list what important work we will do, and how to do it is also determined.

He said, through this (APA) we have been able to reduce the time in carrying out the work, at the same time we have been able to save money. We have managed to save 65 percent of money. I also managed to save time.

Through this, we are able to work in the field of government management very smoothly. That is why Sheikh Hasina’s government has achieved so much in the last 15 years for the country. That is why it is being considered as a very important issue in running the government.’

The Minister of Public Administration said that by April 30, all departments and organizations submit the draft of the activities they have to carry out their annual work. It was reviewed in the APA team meeting of the ministry on May 9. On May 30 through review, the Departments-Organizations submitted their Agreement-APA through the Cabinet Division’s APA-MS. Today the agreement is going to be executed.

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Farhad Hossain said, we have many global challenges. Keeping them in mind, we carry out our work according to the annual work performance agreement. This is how we can properly achieve our goals.

He said, we hope that by implementing the agreement that is going to be executed today, we will be in a relatively good position with other ministries in the future.

Later, APA agreement was signed with eight agencies under the Ministry of Public Administration. On behalf of the agencies, the heads of the agencies and the senior secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, Mohammad Mezbah Uddin Chowdhury, signed the APA agreement on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration.

An APA or Annual Performance Agreement is a commitment to what ministries and departments will do in the coming year. The Annual Performance Agreement is signed by the Cabinet Secretary as the representative of the Prime Minister and the Senior Secretaries and Secretaries as the representative of the Minister-in-Charge of the concerned Ministry. Ministries and departments make APAs with the offices/organizations under them.

This agreement is evaluated at the end of the year. According to the agreement, the National Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary gives numbers to the ministries and departments considering the implementation situation. Best 10 Ministries and Departments in implementation of APA are awarded.