In Nandigram, two upazilas are suffering for half a kilometer of unpaved road

In Nandigram, two upazilas are suffering for half a kilometer of unpaved road

Thousands of people have been suffering for years due to the non-paving of the half-kilometer unpaved dirt road connecting Dasgram-Boalia in Nandigram of Bogra and Singhra upazila of Natore. The end of Nandigram Upazila and the beginning of Singra Upazila, hundreds of thousands of people from the two upazilas travel by vehicles every day.

There are many public and private institutions near this important road. Paved on both sides of the road, half a kilometer in the middle is unpaved. People have to suffer in this. Small and big vehicles ply during the dry season, but during the rainy season, one has to travel about 30 kilometers to reach that destination.

According to local sources, despite the efforts of the Minister of State for Posts and Telecommunications, Junaid Ahmed Palak, paving was done up to Masindar Matha in Singra, but half a kilometer of Dasgram in Nandigram was not paved. That is the public suffering.

Shamim Hossain, the sales representative of the motorcycle-riding drug company, said that many people travel with cars and horses on this road every day. The road becomes impassable during the monsoon season. 30 km road has to be detoured due to half kilometer unpaved road. So the demand to the government is to pave this road as soon as possible.

UP member Shankar Kumar Sarkar said, what else can I say about this road. Last monsoon the road was so bad that I myself made a bamboo bridge in the middle of the road to facilitate the movement of small vehicles and people. A little road is unpaved, paved on both sides.

Nandigram Upazila Engineer Noor Nabi Khan said that arrangements will be made to complete the work of Dasgram Bazar to Boalia Bazar road very quickly.