Ireland coach is looking for a way to beat India

Ireland has to face a very big opponent at the beginning of the World Cup. They will have to fight against India in the first match. The Irish also have teams like Pakistan in their group. Although they are focusing on relying on their own strength.

Ireland will take on India on Wednesday night. Before this match, Irish coach Enrique Malan said that he was satisfied with his preparation. He has also planned to defeat India. Trying to find the team’s shortcomings.

Malan said, ‘I can say for sure that we have been able to prepare according to the plan. India is an experienced team, it means they have a lot of information many people know. We have to find out the weaknesses of the Indian team and take advantage of that.’

Before the World Cup, Ireland played a series against Pakistan. They lost Babar Azam in the first match. The team is getting more confidence from there. They have memories of defeating big teams in the past as well.

All in all, before the India match, Ireland’s coach sounded quite optimistic, ‘This year’s World Cup is not only a good game against India, we will try to play well against all the best teams in the tournament.’

“Hopefully, if we can follow our plan, we will play good cricket. We have shown this in the past as well. We can play a good brand of cricket, getting better at this place with time. From what we have shown in the past, it can be said that we can beat the big teams.’