Kangana opens up about the beating

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, newly elected Member of Parliament in India’s Lok Sabha elections, was harassed at the Chandigarh airport. He was publicly slapped by a CISF security guard.

Within two days of winning the election, 78′

Kangana Ranaut in a new discussion on the incident of Thursday (June 6). This time, the actress and the newly elected member of parliament opened up about the matter in a video message on social media.

Kangana said, ‘I am safe. This happened during security checking. The woman was waiting for me to pass in front of her till I finished my work there. Suddenly he slapped my cheek from the side and started abusing me. When I asked him, why did he do this? He responded by bringing up the farmers’ movement. I think our concern is how we deal with the terrorism that is seen in Punjab.’

Meanwhile, the CISF has expelled the woman CISF member named Kulbinder Kaur. A senior official of the company confirmed the matter. Said that an FIR has been ordered from the local police to the police station against the woman. He was even arrested.

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In this incident, the woman CISF member said that she did not like the comments that Kangana made during the farmers’ movement. She is heard saying, was she (Kangana) sitting there, making that comment? My mother sat in that movement.

In 2021, farmers staged massive protests against the Modi government in various places including Delhi. Farmers from Punjab staged a dharna in Delhi for about a month. At that time, Kangana made one after another offensive tweets against the protesting farmers. He said – ‘Farmers sitting on the streets of Delhi for 100 rupees.’ Kangana also called those farmers Khalistani. Because of this, farmers once surrounded Kangana’s car in Punjab and protested. This time the woman CISF member slapped him because of that old statement. The issue is taking the social media by storm.