Making fake notes targeting Eid, founder Hriday arrested

RAB-3 has arrested Hridoy Matbar (22), the mastermind of the counterfeiting gang from Shyampur area of ​​the capital. He was arrested along with the equipment used for making fake notes and huge amount of fake notes in a raid on Thursday night. On Friday (June 7), RAB-3 Staff Officer (Media) Assistant Superintendent of Police Md. Shamim Hossain informed this information.

During the raid, the accused was found with a CPU used for making fake notes, a monitor, a printer, a router, a paper cutter, 9 fake NID cards, photocopies of three fake Indian NID cards and fake currency worth Tk 60,700 (602 Tk 100 notes and one Tk 500 note). Note) is recovered.

According to RAB, Hridyo had prepared to supply a large amount of counterfeit notes to the market targeting the upcoming holy Eid-ul-Azha. Each fake note of 1 lakh taka was sold at 10 to 12 thousand taka, but due to the increase in demand during Eid, Hridyo was selling it at 15 thousand taka.

RAB-3 Staff Officer (Media) Assistant Superintendent of Police. Shamim Hossain said that recently, when there was widespread discussion and criticism in various media and social media across the country about the free trade of fake notes by advertising on Facebook, RAB started special intelligence surveillance to arrest the members of these organized fake note making gangs. RAB has learned from intelligence sources that several counterfeiting circles have become active around the upcoming holy Eid-ul-Azha.

In continuation of this, a raiding team of RAB-3 conducted an operation in Paschim Dholaipar area under Shyampur police station of the capital on Thursday night and arrested Hridoy Matbar, the master of counterfeiting and business circles.

Heart learns the process of making fake money from YouTube
ASP Shamim Hossain said that the arrested accused was already proficient in computers. He used to work in a computer shop in Dholaipard area. Hriday watched the counterfeiting process from YouTube and mastered the creation of fake notes using his acquired computer skills.

Targeting Eid, fake notes of lakhs of taka are sold for 15,000

Later, Hridiya collected computers, printers, paper cutters and raw materials for making fake money and started printing fake money at his home. He used various social media and online mediums to create networks for selling fake money and by promoting and boosting these pages, he collected many wholesalers and retailers.

The RAB official also said that the arrested Hriday had been preparing and selling fake notes for a long time, but he had prepared to supply a large amount of fake notes to the market targeting the upcoming holy Eid-ul-Azha. He used to sell fake notes worth 1 lakh taka for 10 to 12 thousand taka.

He said that due to the increased demand for fake notes on the occasion of Eid, he admitted in the initial interrogation that he was currently selling fake notes of 1 lakh rupees for 15 thousand rupees.

ASP Shamim said that he was also illegally making fake national and foreign identity cards and selling them to various criminal gangs for huge sums of money.