‘The proposed budget will protect the interests of the rich and looters’

As always, this year’s budget is nothing but a document of poverty, discrimination and looting. This budget does not have the interests of the common people but the proposed budget will protect the interests of the rich and looters.

Bangladesh National Awami Party-Bangladesh NAP Chairman Jebel Rahman Gani and Secretary General M. Golam Mustafa Bhuiyan.

They said, ‘Though the demand was made to prepare the budget keeping in mind the rise in commodity prices, the government did not pay any attention to it. Also, the system of public rationing has not prioritized the issue of not increasing the price of electricity and fuel. Budget does not aim to ease the life of common people. Rather, the budget has been arranged to cut the pockets of the people by laying the net of VAT and taxes. As a result, the misery and suffering of the common people will increase.’

The leaders also said, ‘Unbridled rise in commodity prices which is in no way commensurate with income. People are now struggling to make a living. First of all, people think that their livelihood is the main thing. Education, medical care and living are the major challenges for common citizens. So this budget will have people’s vision to bring down the price of daily commodities within reach. There is no guidance on that.’

Jebel Gani and Golam Mostafa said, “In the real sense, the budget given by the government every year reflects the current policy of the ruling political party.” Since the liberation war, all ruling political parties as well as the ruling class have formulated budgets based on the capitalist free market economy. As a result, poverty, inequality, looting-corruption and concentration of wealth accelerated, which has now taken extreme form.’

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Bangladesh NAP leaders said, ‘GDP has increased due to capitalist development and as a result, wide inequality has been created in the country. Debt has also increased in the mega project of destruction of life and nature. On the other hand, the wealth of the owners of debt-tax defaulters and stolen money has increased. It cannot be expected that people in middle-income countries will continue to subsidize labor-intensive export-oriented industries by working for low wages.’

Demanding to increase the allocation in the education and agriculture sectors in the budget, they said that the will and accountability of the government is needed to eliminate the disparity in the budget. Political decision to increase allocation to essential sectors is required which is completely absent at present.’

NAP Chairman and Secretary General said, ‘Every year the government presents a traditional budget. The proposed budget is no different. Common people are neglected in this budget. Rather, it appears that a large part of the budget will be spent on the salaries of ministers-MPs, bureaucrats and comforts and luxuries. Where the cost of living of the general public is constantly rising due to the unbridled pressure of inflation, the tax on consumer goods in this budget will further increase the cost of living.’

They said, ‘The current government has put the burden of this debt on the shoulders of the people by taking a conditional loan from the IMF. As always, the budget has come out as a discriminatory document. Without political change, it is not possible to change this discriminatory system with looter groups.’