Mbappe’s move to Real is ‘the final nail in football’s coffin’

Kylian Mbappe has officially joined Real Madrid after days of speculation. He had been rumored to be leaving PSG for the Spanish club for years. But the two clubs were not getting along, PSG did not want to leave Mbappe.

After spending seven years at the club, Mbappe joined Madrid on a free transfer before the start of this season. Mbappe will be paid around €15 million a year, with a €150 million signing bonus; Such news has spread.

Mbappe’s transfer is the ‘last nail in the football coffin’, according to Bayern Munich director Max Evierl. He criticized big players ending their contracts and moving to other clubs. According to him, the money from the transfer market is decreasing.

Max says, ‘You can always be a greedy person. But when everyone does, it will put the final nail in football’s coffin. As much money is going out (of the market) somewhere, there will be nothing left for our business.’

‘We’re talking about a hundred million now. It is actually a lot of money. When you go to a place, you will feel that everything will end. Then there is Saudi Arabia. It actually doesn’t look very good. Money is leaving the market. No club is benefiting from this.’

Mbappe scored a record 256 goals for PSG. 42 of these have come in the Champions League. In total, he contributed 364 goals for PSG. No one has contributed more than him. Max cannot accept such a player for free without a team.

He said, ‘Players, families, agents are all benefiting but not just the club. In the past at least the clubs made a profit. The money was inside a bicycle. Now it is only decreasing day by day.’