Modi resigned

Narendra Modi submitted his resignation after meeting President Draupadi Murmu on Wednesday (May 5). The President accepted his resignation. As per the rules, Modi submitted his resignation and that of the cabinet to the President and demanded the formation of a new government.

Meanwhile, a source said, Modi’s swearing-in ceremony will be organized in Delhi on Saturday evening, June 8. With this, Modi is going to sit in power as the Prime Minister of India for the third time.

BJP failed to achieve the desired target in the 18th Lok Sabha elections of India. Narendra Modi’s party failed to secure a single majority in the elections. They could not even come close to the target of winning 400 seats. Even BJP alone could not cross 300 seats.

Out of 543 seats, 272 seats were required for majority in the Lok Sabha. The BJP-led alliance crossed this number. If everything goes well in the alliance, NDA is going to form the government at the center and Modi will be the prime minister again. As a result, he is going to take oath for the third time as the Prime Minister.

NDA won a total of 292 seats. Out of this BJP got 240 seats. On the other hand, the main opposition Indian National Congress won 99 seats. India Alliance led by this party won 235 seats. This is the first time that Modi, who came to power a decade ago, has to rely on coalition partners to form a government.

If the coalition forms the NDA government and Modi becomes the Prime Minister, he will become the second person after Jawaharlal Nehru to serve as Prime Minister for three consecutive terms. Modi held a meeting on Wednesday to review the results of the Lok Sabha elections. The meeting started at 11:30 am at the Prime Minister’s residence. This was the last meeting of the Council of Ministers of the second Modi government.

It is said that the decision to hold the swearing-in ceremony there on Saturday has been taken. According to a source, it is decided that Modi’s swearing-in ceremony may take place on Sunday, June 9. But later it was changed to Saturday.

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In the 2019 elections, the Congress-led alliance won only 94 seats. And Congress alone got 52 seats. In other words, the oldest political party in India has made a surprising improvement in this election.

In that year’s elections, the BJP single-handedly won 303 seats. And BJP-led coalition NDA won 352 seats. The Modi magic and nationalist air worked for the BJP at that time. But this time nothing worked for him. This time, BJP won the most seats in the elections, but it did not get the required number of seats to form the government. That’s why BJP has to rely on NDA alliance partners.