Mohanganj Express closed for 9 days due to engine failure, passengers suffer

The Mohanganj Express train has been stopped at Netrakona for 9 days. This local train comes and goes from Mymensingh Junction to Mohanganj in the district twice a day. Due to this, the passengers have to bear the suffering of the communication system on the railways of the district.

The train has been stopped without prior notice since May 30 due to engine problems. Thousands of passengers are in trouble. As Eid-ul-Azha is approaching, commuters on this route are worried.

Even though 9 days have passed till Friday (June 7), there is no information about the running of the train. As a result thousands of passengers have to suffer on this road every day. As the train has been stopped for 9 days, the passengers have to travel to work by alternative routes including buses and autorickshaws.

According to Railway Department sources, Mohanganj Express departs from Mymensingh Junction station at 5:40 am every day in the first phase. En route Shyamganj, Hiranpur, Chalisha, Netrakona Satpai Bara Railway Station, Netrakona Court Railway Station, Thakurakona, Barhatta and Atithpur and reach Mohanganj between 8 am and 8:30 am. The train left for Mymensingh after an hour break.

The second journey of the Mohanganj Express train of the day starts from Mymensingh at around 2:10 PM. It takes 5 pm to 5:30 pm to reach Mohanganj on the same route. After closing on May 30, the train did not start until Friday.

Locals said that the train has been stopped for nine days on this railway line where the railway line is being extended and the passenger service is being improved. Trains can be safely traveled at low cost, but the train is stopped without any notice.

Mofazzal Hossain, a regular traveler on the railway, said that due to the train being closed, all the passengers, including employees and businessmen, are suffering a severe loss. Extra money has to be added to travel every day. He demanded the higher authorities of the railways to start the train soon.

Misbauzzaman Ashad, a resident of Satpai area of ​​Netrakona, said that the local train running on the Mohanganj-Mymensingh railway line has been stopped for 9 days. The common passengers have to suffer endlessly. In this regard, the intervention of the higher authorities of the railways is required as soon as possible.

Ataur Rahman, master of Thakurakona station in Netrakona, said that after the engine of the train was broken, it was sent to Chittagong on June 1. Once this is done, the train will start.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Master of Netrakona Satpai Railway Station, said the train was stopped due to engine failure. However, Mohanganj Express will be launched soon after solving the problem.

Mymensingh Railway Divisional Region Traffic Inspector Md. Shahinur Islam said that the train is temporarily stopped due to engine problem. Engine will restart when OK.

HM Kamal/FA/MS