Ph.D. degree is being launched in private universities, formation of committees

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has formed a six-member committee to introduce Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in private universities of the country. The committee will formulate the draft policy and submit it to the Ministry of Education. It will be finalized from the ministry.

UGC private university responsible member Dr. Professor Biswajit Chand has been convened in the committee. Senior assistant director of the private university department of the commission is the member secretary. Shariful Islam

As a member of the committee, the member in charge of UGC’s public university management department is Professor Dr. Hasina Khan, Uttara University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Gaur Govinda Goswami, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Green University. Md. Shahidullah and director of private university branch of UGC. Omar Farooq.

According to the committee’s terms of reference, the committee will formulate draft policies to introduce PhD programs in private universities as soon as possible. One or more members can co-opt if necessary. By forming the required number of expert committees, the curriculum or modules related to PhD coursework or research methodology suitable for different academic disciplines and clusters can be formulated.

According to the UGC, the commission’s highest authority recently approved the proposal to launch PhD programs in private universities. In that light, the commission has already formed a committee to formulate policies for conducting PhD programs in private universities. The committee will formulate policies as well as determine the overall outline of the management of PhD programs of private universities.