Registration for Astro-Olympiad opens, selection starts on July 5

‘APEX Astro-Olympiad’ is starting to increase the interest of school-college students in space science. The online registration process for the competition has started from today, which will continue till June 30.

After the registration, the selection process of Astro-Olympiad will start on July 5. School and college students aged 14-18 can participate in this Olympiad. University students are not allowed to participate in it.

This information was given at the press conference of the National Committee of Astro-Olympiad organized on the campus of East West University located in Aftabnagar of the capital on Saturday (June 8).

Bangladesh Astronomical Association Chairman Mashhurul Amin read the written statement at the press conference. In a written statement, he said that the ‘Apex Astro-Olympiad’ national selection program will be organized in Dhaka on August 3 for the 500 contestants selected from the preliminary selection process.

A total of 30 people including 15 people from the senior group and 15 people from the junior group from the national selection program will undergo a four-day residential camp and final selection. 5 contestants selected from that residential camp will represent Bangladesh in the upcoming 28th International Astronomy Olympiad.

Registration must be done by June 30 to participate in the competition. There will be no registration fee. To register Those interested in this link must enter.

The chief guest at the press conference was the former governor of Bangladesh Bank and advisor of East West University. Mohammad Farasuddin, Vice-Chancellor of East West University Professor Shams Rahman, Vice-Chancellor Ashiq Mosaddiq were the special guests.

Dr. Mohammad Farasuddin said, ‘When I was a student, Russia sent the Sputnik spacecraft into space. Then I thought, Russia has advanced a lot in space science, why can’t we? Now we are also moving forward in astronomy. This Astro-Olympiad will play a role in the practice of knowledge and science nationally.’

He said, we will try to make this effort successful. Let another feather be added to Bangladesh. Let us find one more constant star.

It was also informed in the press conference that Bangladesh Astronomical Association has been working for about 36 years to popularize astronomy in Bangladesh.