Siam worked under Shaheen for a monthly salary of 60,000 taka

Siam Hossain, one of the accused in the case, worked under Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, the mastermind behind the murder of Anwarul Azim Anna, Member of Parliament of Jhenaidah-4 Constituency in Bangladesh, for a salary of Tk 60,000 per month. Siam himself told this to West Bengal detectives. However, it is not certain what kind of work he used to do.

Siam was arrested by the State Police Intelligence Department (CID) last Friday (June 7) from Bangaon area of ​​North 24 Parganas of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh. After a lot of drama, the CID said that night, Siam, one of the accused in MP Anna’s murder, has been arrested.

Later, the investigators raided various places with him. On Sunday, CID, Indian Navy and Calcutta Police Disaster Response Force members conducted a search in Bhangar’s Satulia Krishnamati and Jirangachha Bagjola canals again along with Siam. At this time, they recovered several bones from a part of the canal. The bones have been sent for forensic examination.

According to CID sources, Siam Hossain said during the interrogation that he used to work under US resident Aktaruzzaman Shaheen, who is the main accused in MP Anna’s murder case, for a monthly salary of 60,000 taka.

In the cross-examination, Siam also said that the weapons, trolley bags, polythene used in MP Anna’s murder were bought from Kolkata’s Newmarket area. Two other accused Faisal and Mustafiz also bought a machine to mince the MP’s body.

MP Anar was strangled to death and his body was dismembered. Then the meat is cut into small pieces and minced by the machine. Siam Hossain claimed that Faisal knew where the machine was.

However, so far MP Anar’s skull and the weapon used in the murder have not been found. Apart from this, the trolley bag in which Anar’s body was taken was also not found. CID is interrogating Siam Hossain in search of these.

CID officials said that in the area where MP Anar’s body was dumped, a search operation involving members of the Indian Navy and Calcutta Police Disaster Response Force will be conducted in the area where MP Anar’s body was dumped. Hopefully, it can match some more body parts.