The name of the bull is ‘Prince Mamun’, will be sold for 15 lakhs

A bull prepared for sacrifice at a farm in Madaripur has been named ‘Prince Mamun’. Its weight is approximately 25 maunds. The price is Rs 15 lakh. Many people are crowding to see the bull.

Ayub Ali Bepari is a resident of Mathabhanga area of ​​Khwajpur Union of Madaripur Sadar Upazila. He has a farm. The bull named ‘Prince Mamun’ is growing up in that farm.

The name of the bull is 'Prince Mamun', will be sold for 15 lakhs

The black bull is 12 feet long and 6 and a half feet wide. Three meals a day takes about 25 kg. However, ‘Prince Mamun’ likes to eat straw, hay, grass and husk.

Zahid Khan, a resident of Mahisherchar area of ​​Madaripur Sadar Upazila, said, ‘I came running to see the bull. Liked it very much. But because the price is high, I don’t have the courage to buy it.’

The name of the bull is 'Prince Mamun', will be sold for 15 lakhs

Shamim Hossain Bepari, the younger brother of farmer Ayub Ali Bepari, said that the cow has been reared by eating whole grain food. Expecting the price of Prince Mamun according to the effort. Buyers are coming, asking prices. Maybe our favorite Prince Mamun will be sold before the sacrifice.

Ayub Ali Bepari, the owner of the bull said, ‘The bull looks very beautiful. Beautiful like a prince. Prince Mamun is also beautiful. Hence it is named after Prince Mamun of Tiktok. I will sell it if I get the price of 15 lakhs.

Ayesha Siddiqa Akashi/SR/GKS