Sultan of 32 manas will be sold for 25 lakhs

Sultan of Faridpur. Keeping ahead of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the bull weighing 32 maunds has caught everyone’s attention. Holstein Friesian bull Sultan is asking price of Tk. 25 lakhs for sale. So far the highest price has risen to 18 lakh taka. This sultan is one of the biggest cows in the district.

The bull is being reared at Tahera Agro Farms Limited farm of Gerda village of Gerda union of Faridpur Sadar upazila.

According to Tahera Agro Farms Limited sources, the journey of Tahera Agro Farm started in 2017 in a tin shed. The farm was established by Syed Akib Nowsher and Syed Abrar Nowsher, two sons of Syed Nowsher Ali and Tahera Nowsher, a resident of Gerda village. At present, at least two and a half hundred cows are being reared in five large sheds on four and a half bigha land. Apart from this, these two farmers are raising horses, dumbas, khasi and foreign breeds of dogs.

This time, 100 cows of various weights, including 22 weighing 17 to 20 maunds, three weighing 23 to 25 maunds, have been prepared in the farm keeping in view the Eid al-Adha. At least 8 farm workers are responsible for the care of these cows.

Four and a half year old black colored Sultan weighs 32 maunds. Height about 70 inches and width 22 inches. Every day at noon at least three workers pull ropes from three sides to bring them out of the shed for bathing. After eight to ten minutes motor piped water is taken back to the shed. Then green grass is given to eat.

Farm manager Akbar Hossain said the bull has been named Sultan. He is allowed to eat at least 30 to 35 kg of raw grass, self-processed wheat, maize, chickpea and khesari dal husks. Grass has been planted on at least 200 bighas of land in Gerda and surrounding villages with own and lease. These grasses are fed to animals. Besides, no other special food or injection is given to the animals. Due to which the demand of cows in our farm is more than other farms. Moreover, because no drugs or stored hormones are given for fattening, if the cow prepared for Eid of one year is not sold, we sell it the next year.

Livestock, Eid-ul-Azha, Faridpur 25 lakhs will be sold for 32 maunds of Sultan

The owner of the farm, Syed Abrar Nawsher, told Jago News that the price of the bull is 25 lakhs. Every day buyers are coming, asking different prices. However, a maximum of 18 lakh rupees has been raised. He claims that Sultan is the biggest bull in the district.

Syed Akib Nowsher, another director of the farm, said, “We feed each cow throughout the year and prepare each cow by targeting the Eid market.” It can be seen that during this time cows are smuggled into the country from Myanmar and India. If this is not prevented, it will be difficult to sustain the local farmers. In addition, if the price of beef is constantly increasing, if we do not control it, it will become difficult to run the farm under the pressure of various expenses including employee expenses, farm management. If the government pays a little attention to these two aspects, we domestic farmers can meet the needs of the country and export meat abroad.

In this regard, District Livestock Officer Sanjeev Kumar Biswas told Jago News that we have provided maximum help, cooperation and advice to all the farmers. We have raised awareness and monitored throughout the year so that the farmers of Faridpur do not use harmful storage hormones for fattening cows. Besides, training in scientific cow husbandry has also been given.

He said that the demand for sacrificial animals in Faridpur this year is 1 lakh 35 thousand 798. However, the district has more animals ready than this. These animals will be sold in various markets including Dhaka and Chittagong to meet the demand of Faridpur and surrounding districts.

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock and Member of Parliament of Faridpur-1 Constituency. Abdur Rahman told Jago News that there is no shortage of animals in the country. Last year about five lakh cattle remained unsold. This year another four and a half lakh animals have joined him. The demand in our country is 1 crore 29 lakh animals, there are more than 1 crore 3 lakh.