Teknaf Awami League president in jail

The court has sent Teknaf Upazila Awami League president Nurul Bashar to jail in the case of attack on rival cousins ​​due to land dispute.

When he came to Cox’s Bazar court on Monday (June 3) to take bail, Chief Judicial Magistrate Abdullah Al Mamun ordered him to be jailed without granting bail. Administrative officer of the court Shahjahan Noori confirmed this information.

Nurul Bashar is the son of deceased Mohammad Shafi, a resident of West Godar Bill area, Ward No. 6 of Teknaf Municipality.

Plaintiff’s lawyer Sahab Uddin Sahib told Jago News that on February 20 this year, Nurul Bashar went with a group of armed terrorists to occupy the rented house of Mohammad Alam’s wife Rehenuma Sohanal, a resident of Ward No. 6 West Godar Bill area of ​​Teknaf. Several people including the plaintiff and her husband were seriously injured in their attack. In this incident, Rehenuma filed a case naming Nurul Bashar as the chief and eight others as the plaintiff. The main accused Nurul Bashar took bail from the High Court in that case.

On Monday, when he surrendered and applied for bail in the lower court, the learned court did not grant him bail and ordered him to be sent to jail.

Syed Alamgir/NIB/JIM