The price of gold increased

After three rounds of price reduction, the price of gold has been increased in the country’s market. The price of best quality or 22 carat gold (11.664 grams) has been increased by 1 thousand 73 taka to 1 lakh 16 thousand 955 taka.

This price has been increased in view of the increase in the price of acid gold (ripe gold) in the local market. Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) said the new prices will be implemented from Wednesday (June 12).

Earlier, gold prices were reduced on June 9 and May 24 and 25. The price of good quality gold was reduced by 3 thousand 662 taka in three phases. Bajus says that the price of acidic gold has increased in the local market as the reason for increasing the price of gold. Therefore, considering the overall situation, Bangladesh Jewelers Association has fixed the new price of gold, which will be effective from Wednesday (June 12).