The World Cup has started spreading colors

Short format of cricket is T20. The ninth season of the World Cup in this format has already started. On June 1, the World Cup was played in Dallas, USA, with a match that was won by the hosts. USA beat Canada in their first match in T20 World Cup for the first time.

Canada is one of the three new countries in this year’s World Cup. The other two are Uganda and the United States. USA is playing as host. Canada and Uganda topped the qualifiers. This year’s World Cup, organized with representatives from all regions of the world, has broken all previous records. The T20 World Cup, which started 17 years ago with 12 countries, has 20 countries this year. One of the world’s superpowers, this World Cup of the United States may surpass the previous seasons in terms of competition.

When you say World Cup, the joy of football World Cup floats in front of everyone’s eyes. The whole world is excited about the World Cup. Compared to that, the Cricket World Cup is nothing. Short format T20 World Cup is even less.

But there is no dearth of joy and celebration among the people of the countries that participate in the World Cup. Even if they do not participate in the football world cup, the people of every country enjoy the fight on the field. Cricket has little response outside the participating countries. Still, the World Cup is the World Cup. The World Cup spreads various colors. In the meantime, the ongoing World Cup in the United States and West Indies has started to fade.

All sports are surrounded by uncertainty. However, this word ‘uncertainty’ is more associated with cricket. That is why cricket is called the game of glorious uncertainty. What the cricket world has seen in the first week of this World Cup.

The United States shocked the whole world by defeating the former champion Pakistan. The host USA is spreading more colors in the World Cup. Before this World Cup, the United States did not have much experience playing against Test family countries. But in the first meeting, they defeated Bangladesh. And they got a memorable victory against a country like Pakistan in their second match at the World Cup.

20 nations meet world cup. The World Cup has brought people of different colors and languages ​​under this stage. Venue cities are now in a festive mood with the Bat-Ball World War in full swing.

Such is the world series of sports. Then if it is a competition like World Cup. Where is the heat of the World Cup from America to Asia, from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Africa?

Whether it is football, cricket or hockey, even if eleven people fight on the field, billions of people tremble in that fight. In one part of the world, when a goal is scored in football and a six in cricket, the commotion starts in other parts of the world. The World Cup makes people laugh and makes people cry. The most important thing is to make people happy. The World Cup of the American Mulluk is giving that joy.

How Bangladesh will do in this World Cup can be left for time. But it can be said that the balloon of people’s expectations is not as inflated as it was when the Bangladesh team left the country for the United States. A little quiet. And the reason for that is the United States.
Bangladesh lost the series against America before the start of the World Cup. Bangladesh escaped the shame of a white wash as the hosts took down a lesser power in the last match. The official warm-up match did not take place due to rain.

However, it is true that people’s expectations about Bangladesh have decreased after losing 2 matches to the United States. Rather, Bangladesh got off to a good start by defeating Sri Lanka in their first match today. The balloon of expectation has started to swell more and more for the fans of Bangladesh. On the other hand, Afghanistan has spread the colors of the World Cup far and wide by bowling out New Zealand for 75 runs.

Reducing the pressure of expectations is also an advantage. Even if you can’t do something good, people feel less suffering. And if something good happens, there are no words. But it is true that Bangladesh is yet to become a T20 team. Although the cricket fans of Bangladesh do not want to accept that. In their opinion, Bangladesh is an unstoppable team in any version, any format. The media also fueled people’s expectations before the match. His profile does not occur in the field. Many jokingly say ‘Bangladesh Preview’s team.’

The World Cup is T20 because all teams are equal. And the game is called cricket of course. According to this source, Bangladesh is also one of the favorite teams of this World Cup. The remaining 19 teams also started the journey with that expectation. In the end, the word uncertainty will decide which two teams will make it to the final stage and which team will have the last laugh. The road is long. Super Eight topped the group stage. Then the knockout stage, means semi-finals and finals. It remains to be seen which country will be the champion in the USA’s first World Cup.

In the T20 World Cup that started in 2007, Bangladesh has reached the Super Eight once. The first ever South African event is a happy memory for Bangladesh. After that, Bangladesh had to return to the pavilion from the group stage. Bangladesh did not have a great start in 2014 at home. Bangladesh started the World Cup with a laughable loss to Australia and ended it with disappointment. Bangladesh did not win even one of the four matches after the Super Ten. As colorful as that World Cup was, it was completely colorless for Bangladesh.

Despite defeating Australia and Nepal on the way to the Super draw, the last group was a disappointment for Bangladesh. Bangladesh collapsed against Hong Kong that day in front of a packed audience at Chittagong’s Zahoor Ahmed Stadium. As the group began, the end was the opposite. And he had a negative effect in 4 matches of Super Ten. Bangladesh lost to group opponents India, West Indies, Pakistan, Australia. The red-green jersey holders finished the World Cup at the bottom of the points table.

This is how the World Cup comes, the World Cup goes. Bangladeshi cricket fans inflate the balloon of expectation in every season. But hope is never fulfilled. Before the start, many equations of possibilities were drawn out, but at the end of the tournament, the summary was drawn like this: ‘Bangladesh is not a team for T20’. Bangladesh’s expectations about this World Cup have decreased a bit. The captain himself refrained from raising expectations. Cricket analysts also say that the superpower of the short version may have to wait more.

Time will tell when Bangladesh will become a T20 team. That’s why the World Cup of this short version of cricket will not stop. Cricket will paint each World Cup with its own colors, excitement and uncertainty. That colorful World Cup will give each team the crown of excellence in each event.

The national team is yet to win any trophy in cricket. Which does not go with the emotions of the cricket fans of Bangladesh. Even then, you have to accept it and look towards the future. Let this World Cup not be the next World Cup. If not, cricket fans are spending years hoping that Bangladeshi cricketers will lift the trophy in one of the World Cups. The true color of cricket will spread in the minds of the fans of Bangladesh.