Unsatisfied hearts with umpiring

Bangladesh was clearly the victim of bad umpiring in the 4-run loss against South Africa. Bangladesh’s forehead was burned by the controversial dead ball rule at important times including Tawhid Hriday’s out.

Bangladesh was chasing the target of 114 runs set by South Africa. In the 17th over, Mahmudullah hit the pads when he flicked a delivery from Proteas right-arm pacer Otenil Bartman. If requested, the umpire raises his finger. Bangladesh took the review.

On review, the ball misses the leg stump. As a result, Mahmudullah survived. Meanwhile, the ball landed on his pads and crossed the boundary. Bangladesh got 4 runs in the leg bye. But as the umpire gave out at the start, the ball was dead and those 4 runs were cancelled. And Bangladesh lost the match by 4 runs.

Cricket analysts like Walker Younis, Simon Dull have spoken about the controversial dead ball rule in the match. Everyone agrees that the umpire’s mistake has damaged Bangladesh in this match.

At the post-match press conference as the team’s representative, Tawhid Hridyo expressed his displeasure with the umpiring. Should ICC Abolish Controversial Dead Ball Law? In response to such a question, Hridoy said, ‘I don’t know what the rules of the ICC have been. But those four runs were very important for us at that time. Umpires are human too and can make mistakes. But we didn’t have two more wides.’

‘Playing at such a venue here. Run is a low scoring match. A run or two at that place is a big fact. I think those four runs or two wides were close calls. Even my out was the umpire’s call. These areas need improvement. We have no hand in the rules that ICC has made. What has happened…’-says the disappointment in the eyes and the heart.