Williamson calls the 20-team World Cup a ‘great deal’

Finally the T20 World Cup is going to start in New Zealand. Their opponent in the first match is Afghanistan. Even ten years ago, Afghans were hardly seen in top level cricket. Now they are the fear factor for any team in all three formats.

The World Cup has played an important role in the rise of Afghans. This is the first time T20 World Cup is being held with 20 teams. Representatives from almost every region of the world got the opportunity. New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is watching the World Cup with so many teams.

This experienced cricketer said, ‘It is actually a great thing. I remember when I played the first World Cup, there were more teams. Such additional opportunities benefit teams. Then anything can happen during the tournament. That’s the beauty of the game. But at the end of the day, it will improve the game.’

Afghanistan started the World Cup with a big win against Uganda. Many people are watching them in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Apart from Rashid Khan, there are several fearsome cricketers in the team. Who are the Kiwis watching?

Williamson said, ‘There are many in their team now. Honestly speaking, all the players are a very skilled team from Afghanistan. One of the best bowlers of this tournament. We also looked at franchise competition. How they are involved, how many numbers they play.’

‘And day by day they are only getting better. Getting more and more top level cricket. In the last World Cup we saw how strong they are in ODIs. They are a really skilled team, there are a lot of places to be scared.’