You will find popular features of WhatsApp in Messenger

All the time chatting on WhatsApp, sharing pictures and videos. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. WhatsApp has been rolling out one feature after another to improve the user experience of using the platform. Now you will get the popular feature of WhatsApp in Messenger.

The feature introduced in Messenger is called Communities feature. The feature has already started rolling out globally. Any user can start this community. WhatsApp like admin features are introduced to manage this community.

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Those who use Messenger. Anyone can join this community. It is said to be quite different from Facebook groups. It doesn’t have the convenience of a Facebook group. All Messenger community messages are visible to members.

Meta claims that 5,000 users can join a Messenger community. Users can also request Facebook friends, friends of friends. This community feature was first launched on WhatsApp in 2022.

Many people can benefit from this feature. Those who have to make groups to keep in touch on Facebook. They can now create a community of up to 5000 users on Messenger. There the rules can be updated, images-videos, audios can be uploaded. Besides, several other tasks can be done here. Find out what you can do in the Messenger community-

>> Can invite new members.
>> Can create community chats.
>> You can exclude someone from the community.
>> Can delete any chat in the community.
>> You can leave the community.
>> Have the ability to report any content.
>> Can remove any content from community chats.

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Source: India Today